MS Dhoni will play in IPL next year also! Big statement from CEO of Chennai Super Kings

There has been a big reaction regarding the retirement of Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni from IPL. A lot of speculations are being made about whether this is the last season of MS Dhoni or not. At the same time, CSK CEO Kashi Vishwanath has given a big statement regarding this. He said that his guess is that MS Dhoni will still play in the IPL next year.

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Ever since the start of IPL 2023, the only thing doing the rounds is whether he will retire after this season or not. When he was also asked a question about this, Dhoni said that he has not yet taken any decision regarding this.

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MS Dhoni will play for one more year – Kashi Vishwanath

However, according to Kashi Vishwanath, CEO of Chennai Super Kings, MS Dhoni will still play next year as well. As reported by Cricbuzz, he said,

My guess is that he will play next year as well. He hasn’t told us about it yet but the way he played and led the team, I personally feel he will play next year as well.
Let us tell you that earlier CSK veteran batsman Suresh Raina had also said that Dhoni has told him that he will play one more season in IPL. According to Raina, Dhoni said “I will win the trophy and play for one more year.”

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It is clear from this statement of Raina that Dhoni is going to play next year also. At the same time, Dhoni himself had said that he has not yet decided to retire. However, no one knows when MS Dhoni will take a decision. He hasn’t clarified anything about it yet.

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