What is my Orbit Excahnge betting status?

A special kind of online betting exchange called Orbit Exchange (Orbitx Bet) allows players or bettors to compete with one another. It differs significantly from a traditional bookmaker in which a participant normally wagers against the betting line. Orbit Exchange has a lot of benefits beyond what a typical sportsbook has to offer, which can make it your preferred option soon. Significant market liquidity and higher prices are two benefits, with the majority of markets covering basketball, tennis, cricket, and football.

Since 2017, Betfair has had various agents around the world and has been powered by Betfair.

You can place several exchange bets using the platform on other sports and other markets, giving you more opportunities to quickly increase your betting winnings.

The key elements of your Orbit Exchange account

  • The two, albeit Betfair manages the platform, aren’t even the same. The interface and the way commissions are assessed on winning wagers are different between the two. But odds and liquidity are the same.
  • Although the minimum wager is seven euros (€7), you are free to discuss a slightly different wager with the agent or broker who will provide an Orbitx Bet account.
  • Most brokers provide a 3 percent commission rate to Orbit Exchange, which is a lesser rate than what can be obtained on Betfair.
  • An additional crucial aspect of an Orbit exchange account is the absence of Premium Charges, in contrast to Betfair. Some professional bettors may have avoided Betfair because of premium charges, but this platform has managed to do without them.

Who Ought to Join Orbit Exchange?

Anyone looking for the best market liquidity and superb ‘lay’ and ‘back’ betting choices will love Orbit Exchange’s other features as well.

Players can sign up for Orbit Exchange if they’re looking for a platform that will enable them to trade and optimize their profit both while playing and even before the tournament begins. With Orbitx Bet, you may undoubtedly use these privileges. Arbitrage players and long-term winners are both welcome on the platform.

At Orbitx Betting, what sports are there to wager on?

On the platform, users can wager on roughly 30 different sports:

What sports are available for betting at Orbit Betting Exchange?

The portal allows players to wager on approximately 30 sports:

  • Football (or soccer in certain locations) (or soccer in some places)
  • Cricket
  • Basketball Tennis Horse Racing
  • Football in America
  • Today’s horse racing schedule
  • Union Rugby
  • Baseball in Rugby League
  • Boxing
  • Cycling \sDarts
  • Esports
  • Gaelic Sports
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Lines
  • Today’s Greyhound Racing Schedule
  • Handball
  • Hockey on ice
  • Mixed Martial Arts in Motorsport
  • Netball \sPolitics
  • Special Snooker Bets

How do users access/register for Orbix Bet?

With Orbitx Betting, you cannot create an account immediately. Instead, you access it by using the services of the betting agency, broker, or agent.

Right now, BetInAsia is the top betting agency or broker to utilize. They are a reputable and well-liked betting broker. No matter where you are located, you can easily and for free access Orbitx bet with BetInAsia (with the exception of the USA, UK, Singapore, Turkey, France, and Sweden).

You can benefit from the one free withdrawal they allow every 30 days through a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. Currently, deposits of all sizes are free.

BetInAsia gives you access to a huge selection of alternative bookies and betting exchanges, like Betfair, in addition to Orbitx bet.

This is wonderful news for Betfair-inaccessible gamers from Italy, Germany (Deutschland), and Portugal. Now, they have access to OrbitX via BetInAsia.

What Unique Features Does OrbitX Bet Offer?

The foundation of Orbitx Bet is to give gamblers as much freedom and convenience as possible to place their bets. You merely need to select your preferred choice (back or lay) and wait for a match. The betting system also enables users to wager on in-play and pre-event formats. One market can be neglected or backed off of and still yield a profit.

Poker Room and Casino

Recently, OrbitX Bet added a casino section where users may play some of the most well-liked casino games, including Texas hold ’em poker, blackjack, baccarat, card derby racing, omah, and HI-LO. As was already established, these odds are identical to those on Betfair. This ensures an identical experience across all platforms, especially if you are a fan of the two, along with the interface’s contrast and usability.

For an even better and more authentic experience, the poker room also has a live portion. Noting that there aren’t as many options as a devoted player would desire, it should be noted that this online casino section is new.

Last words

If Betfair has not been accessible from your location or you are weary of placing wagers against the bookmaker, you can head over to Orbitx bet and enjoy placing wagers against other gamers.


1. What is the benefit of a free service?

On sportsbooks and betting exchanges, commissions are paid for generating turnover. We receive a referral fee from the companies offering the service when we recommend bet brokers and betting software platforms.

2. How can one get in touch with the support staff?

The support staff is primarily accessible via Skype, email, and WhatsApp.

3. What methods of payment are offered?

Bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Astropay, Crypto, and Ecopayz are all accepted forms of payment for deposits and withdrawals (this might vary depending on your location). Upon account setup, you will receive our bank information; however, you can ALWAYS CONTACT our support team for our payment information.

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