Angelo Mathews given out in a strange manner for the first time in cricket history

There was a huge uproar on the wicket of Sri Lankan middle order batsman Angelo Mathews against Bangladesh on Monday. Mathews came to bat at number six for Sri Lanka and returned to the pavilion without facing a single ball.

The 38th match of the World Cup 2023 between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is was played at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi. Mathews became the first player in the world to lose his wicket due to time delay i.e. timed out.

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This incident happened in the 25th over of the Sri Lankan innings. Shakib Al Hasan got Sadira Samarawickrama caught out by Mahmudullah. Then Angelo Mathews came to the crease. Mathews took his time coming to the field and when he was going to take guard, he was seen having trouble with the strap of his helmet and after that the strap broke.

Mathews pointed towards the dressing room to demand a new helmet. Then Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan appealed to the umpire to out the batsman to take more time at the crease. On-field umpire Marais Erasmus gave Mathews out after talking to his fellow umpire. Angelo Mathews argued a lot with the umpires and Shakib Al Hasan, but he had to return to the pavilion.

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However, Shakib Al Hasan did so within the rules of the game. Let us tell you that according to the rules of the game of World Cup 2023, if a wicket falls or a batsman retires, the coming batsman gets 2 minutes to face the next ball. If the batsman does not face the next ball by then, he will have to go to the pavilion under timed out.

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Angelo Mathews took more than two minutes to face the first ball. After the appeal, Mathews had to return to the pavilion. Let us remind you that this is the first time in international cricket when a batsman has been given out according to such rules.

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