Big information about Rishabh Pant’s return to the field- BCCI source

Indian Cricket Team wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant is in the process of recuperating for a few months after a road accident in December 2022. He suffered multiple injuries in this horrific accident, due to which he has been away from cricket for several months, and at the moment there is no fixed timeline for his return to the cricket field. Several reports have claimed that the 25-year-old Pant has little chance of making a comeback this year. While a BCCI source has expressed hope of Pant’s early return to the field.

Rishabh Pant could not participate in the IPL 2023 season due to this unpleasant accident, as well as missed the final of the upcoming World Test Championship against Australia in England.

Rishabh Pant will return to the field soon – BCCI source

Giving an update on Pant’s recovery, a BCCI source has told TOI that his recovery is going much better than expected, and his return to the field could be earlier than expected. The BCCI source said, ‘Let’s make it clear that Pant never had more than one surgery, as was being speculated. There was a lot of anxiety about the second surgery. He was monitored for every injury. Fortunately, his progress has been better than expected. This is a great incentive for them. This could mean that his comeback could be sooner than possible.

The source further added and said that Pant is in a good spirit. And he can now walk without crutches for a long time. The main focus of his rehab is on his strength, and he will be back in the training phase soon.

Let us tell you that according to the latest information regarding Pant’s recovery, a report in Times of India has told that Pant will no longer need to undergo another surgery on his right knee. The cricketer had to undergo a major surgery after the car accident. According to some claims, there could have been a second surgery as well. But as per reports, the doctors and the wicket-keeper’s health care team are satisfied with the recovery made by Pant in the last four months. After this, the second surgery has been canceled in the last week.

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