Top 3 Indian batsmen with most sixes in T20 World Cup

In the history of T20 cricket so far, there have been many batsmen who have played explosive innings. Talking about T20 cricket, players like Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Hardik Pandya, AB de Villiers, Chris Lynn, Johnny Bairstow, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh and Kieron Pollard are considered experts in this format. These batsmen have played many tremendous explosive innings in T20.

In this format, batsmen hit quick fours and sixes and try to score maximum runs in less balls. This is the reason why fans love T20 cricket very much. He gets to see a lot of boundaries in the T20 format and is thoroughly entertained.

Batsmen rely more on sixes to score fast runs in T20, so they try to hit a lot of sixes. Many batsmen have hit a lot of sixes in the T20 World Cup as well. We will tell you about those 3 Indian batsmen who have hit maximum sixes in T20 World Cup.

Indian batsman who hit most sixes in T20 World Cup
3. Virat Kohli
At number three in this list is the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli. When Virat Kohli comes to the crease, he may take some time but after that, when needed, he moves the scoreboard very fast.
Virat Kohli has played a total of 27 matches in the T20 World Cup from 2012 to 2022 and has hit 28 sixes during this period. Virat Kohli has so far scored a total of 1141 runs in the T20 World Cup and his strike rate is 131.30.

2. Yuvraj Singh
When the Indian team won the T20 World Cup title in 2007, Yuvraj Singh’s contribution was most important in that. In that World Cup, Yuvraj Singh made India the world champion by playing many excellent innings. He is known for hitting 6 sixes in 6 balls against Stuart Broad in the first T20 World Cup in 2007.
Yuvraj Singh is at number two in terms of hitting the maximum number of sixes for India in the T20 World Cup. From 2007 to 2016, he played a total of 31 matches in the T20 World Cup for India and hit 33 sixes during this period. Most of his sixes out of these 33 came in the 2007 World Cup.

1. Rohit Sharma
Indian team captain Rohit Sharma was a part of the Indian team that won the T20 World Cup in 2007. He performed tremendously in that tournament. From 2007 to 2022, he has played 39 matches in the T20 World Cup. During this, Rohit Sharma has hit 35 sixes in 36 innings. Rohit Sharma has scored 963 runs in the T20 World Cup and during this period his strike rate is 127.88.

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