When will Rishabh Pant return to international cricket?

Rishabh Pant has now started playing cricket on the field. A new video of Pant has gone viral on social media, in which he is seen batting on the field. This has given a hope to the fans that Pant may soon be seen playing for the Indian cricket team. However, former cricketer and popular commentator Aakash Chopra believes that Rishabh Pant will still take time to play competitive cricket.

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Akash Chopra’s comment on Rishabh Pant

Indian team’s star wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant was seriously injured in a horrific car accident last year. However, after the surgery, Pant is recovering very well and fast. Talking about it, Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel that,

Rishabh Pant posted a video in which Shreyas Iyer and KL Rahul were seen batting after a long time. Now their videos have come, it looks like they are making a comeback. They started batting against the bowling machine. He has started playing against 140 kmph but still Pant’s comeback is far away.

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Akash further compared Pant to India’s best captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and said,

“The good thing is he (Rishabh Pant) is very strong. I tell everyone I meet that this mountain boy has got a lot of guts. It was also with MS Dhoni that he didn’t get injured for a long time. Pant is also in the same category. I mean he is very fit, his jeans are good. That’s why he got only one surgery instead of two. Being a wicketkeeper, his workload is more. , So maybe he will still take time.”

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Further talking about Pant’s return, Aakash Chopra said,

“Generally it is being speculated that Pant might be fit by the next IPL or World Cup (T20), so let’s see. God bless all. Achhe drishti aa rahe hai, hum toh banhi hi khush Let’s go, the boy has started moving and playing.

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