ICC changes review rules for stumping

ICC has made changes in the playing conditions and now the TV umpire will not check caught out when the on-field umpire reviews the stumping appeal. Earlier, catch out was also checked on the appeal of stumping and sometimes the opposing teams also got the benefit of this, but now this will not happen.

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The amendment came into effect on December 12, 2023, and now if a team wishes to review a caught behind when the keeper has also removed the bails, it must do so separately through DRS.

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The Australian team that toured India last year took maximum advantage of the loophole in this rule. During that time, wicketkeeper Alex Carey had appealed for stumping on several occasions, due to which the TV umpire was forced to check the catch as well. This helped Australia save its review many times. However, now the TV umpire will only look at the side-angle for stumping and will not check anything else.

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According to the ICC’s amended rules, “This change restricts stumping review to only checked stumpings, thereby denying the fielding team a free review for other methods of dismissal without a review (i.e., out behind).

The ICC has also brought more clarity to the concussion replacement rule. Now, a player coming in as a replacement will not be allowed to bowl if the replaced player was suspended from bowling at the time of the concussion.

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Apart from this, the time allotted for assessment and treatment of injuries on the field has also been limited to four minutes. At the same time, now the third umpire will have the right to check front foot no balls as well as other foot no balls.

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