ICC introduced new rules of cricket

ICC has decided to bring a new rule in cricket, for which it will keep a big clock on the field during the match. The job of that clock will be to measure the time spent between overs. The ICC said in a media release on Tuesday that if the bowling team does not start the next over within 60 seconds of completing the previous over, then the bowling team will have to face a penalty of five runs if it does so three times.

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In 2022, the ICC introduced a new rule, under which the bowling team will have to suffer losses if they bowl slowly. If the bowling team does not complete its overs within the stipulated time, then they will have to place some extra players within 30 yards before the last over.

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Third umpire keeps an eye on time

During this, the third umpire of the match keeps track of the time of the bowlers, and gives information about the teams bowling slowly to the on-field umpire. This new rule of ICC started in T20 format from January this year, whereas this rule was also introduced in ODI format during the World Cup Qualifier held in June-July this year. However, let us tell you that ICC has already been imposing fines on teams bowling slowly.

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Now ICC has decided to introduce a new rule of stop clock in the match, which is not a new step. The rule of short clock has been in practice in the game of tennis for a long time. In tennis, between two points the player gets only 25 seconds to make the next serve. Now it remains to be seen how much difference it makes during international matches after the implementation of this new rule.

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